Online Reporting

Phoenix Data Management provide transparency in all aspects of their service. This is never more exemplified than in the online reporting facility. Customers can access online reports that detail and determine Phoenix Data Management’s success and ability in delivering a service.

Customers can access reports that provide valuable information that enables them to manage their archives from their desktops. The ability of our system to produce periodic destruction reports facilitates the management and consolidation of existing stored material, thereby keeping our customer’s expenditure to a minimum.

All reports relating to PDM Company service are available 24 hours per day via our online service.

However, Phoenix Data Management supply the following reports as standard on a monthly basis;

  • An inventory of the total number of boxes stored within our facility
  • A list of all new additions
  • Numbers of standard retrievals.
  • Number of emergency retrievals.
  • Number of returns.
  • Number of flat – packs ordered
  • Number of permanent withdrawals
  • Number of destroyed boxes.
  • Number of boxes showing as ”out” (being held on client’s premises) on the system.
  • Boxes due for destruction.
  • Key performance indicators demonstrating PDM level of success in providing a service.
  • Non – compliance by Phoenix Data Management Company or the client.

Additional reports requested by the customer are e-mailed within 24 hours of receipt of request.