Solutions For You


We are amoung the leaders in this sector. If you are a large practice or a small one we are able to use our experience to deliver a tailor made solution.

We understand that you have both a requirement for files or box storage and for wills, deeds and leases etc. Software wise we can offer many solutions providing our own filetrack software with RFID options right up to integrating your own practice software to hand shake with our database. Software companies/programs we have worked with include Intandem, Legal RM icompli, Legalkey, Elite, Interwoven to name but a few.

Within legal practices more and more now we are supplying EDM and scanning solutions which deliver speed and efficiency to the fee earners.

We are aware that once documents are no longer required both on site and off site we can offer a secure destruction service that will give you and your client peace of mind that your items have been destroyed in the most secure method.


Again this is another sector we have vast experience in. We understand that you have a requirement for policies, correspondence, slips etc to be easily accessible and that depending on the age of your company there will be a lot of legacy items that might need to be indexed. Once this is done the majority of the legacy items can be transferred to deep storage delivering cost savings.

Banking & Financial

We understand that you have both large amounts of physical and electronic data and you need to have reassurance that it is being held securely and in the right conditions and that it satisfies the regulatory bodies. Once this data is no longer required you want peace of mind that it will be destroyed correctly.

Professional Services

We understand that whether you’re a firm of accountants, surveyors etc you still have a requirement to store and access your business records.

Film & Sound

We specialise in looking after your precious film and sound master recordings holding them in our secure facilities at the correct temperature and humidity to maximise their lifespan.


We understand that you have a requirement to collect documents for storage, scanning or destruction from multiple locations so that everything can be held centrally and not in expensive retail locations.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

We work closely with hospitals and consultants in order keep the flow of patient records, x rays etc back and forth between your locations and ours.

Public Sector & Charities

From whatever walk of public life you are we can offer a tailor made solution to fit your public sector organisation whether it be criminal or local government records.