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Archive Storage

Phoenix Data Management provides a complete storage and retrieval service for all types of active business records both files and boxes. Archived files are stored and managed within our secure storage facilities in Kent.

Physical files are accessible to our clients 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, and can be delivered back to them after 2 hours (during office hours) if required. Digital images can be delivered quicker by being downloaded and can be scanned back to you (during office hours).

We also provide a standard next day or same day retrieval service. For our busiest clients we can provide more than one delivery and collect per day.

Active files are stored within new configured racking for ease of retrieval.

File Tracking

RSSQL is designed to specifically control paper documents moving throughout an organisation. The system tracks files using barcodes and uses mobile technology so that it is not reliant on all records being in the same location.

Users have access to an online search engine providing real-time information on files, (RS Web) movement history and location. Requests can be placed online by internal staff, or managed and controlled by the records team.

RS Web can be pre-programmed with retention periods, enabling the system to manage the lifecycle of the document from creation through to secure destruction.

The system can be integrated seamlessly with other back office systems such as case management, personnel or finance, removing the need for records managers to upload or manually key data that is already held in other internal systems.

This innovative file-tracking solution provides users with a full real-time view of all internal company documents, providing a complete audit trail and event history to deliver peace of mind across the whole business.

Whether the document is stored off-site within one of our records centres archive or is a live document, moving regularly around the organisation, RS Web provides full visibility and history of document usage and tracking.

Archive Box Storage

Archived boxes are stored within new purpose built racking individually configured to the size of the type of box stored.

As with all aspects of our service we offer a range of retrieval and delivery services that are tailored to your specific requirements. Records may be requested as an entire box or as a single file in order to assist companies where office space is minimal.

SE England – London – Within M25

Order by 16:00 delivery next working day

Other bespoke delivery options can be tailored to customers requirements.

Deep Storage

Phoenix Data Management is happy to provide services within their Kent based facilities. Customers may choose to opt for deep storage services where they possess boxes/files that are rarely if ever retrieved, but they are required to keep the documents for compliance reasons.

Placing such material into deep storage provides our customers with a more cost effective medium of storage.

Order by 16:00 delivery within two working days by Phoenix own Transport or we can arrange to scan back.