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Storage FAQ

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What types of documents do you store?

We have a specialist facility where we can store all types of documents of all sizes, from A4 files or smaller through to architectural drawings.
How much will document storage cost me?
This will depend on the volume of files or boxes you have and how often you will need to retrieve them. We have very effective monthly costed plans to suit all businesses.
Do you provide storage boxes?
Yes, we can provide you with high quality boxes of varying sizes to suit your archive. They are built to last and reasonably costed.
Are all boxes the same size?
Good question. No, not all boxes are the same size and it is important for us to know what sizes you have. If you are purchasing boxes from us, we can advise on the best boxes to suit you.
Is it easy to find my files or boxes once they are in storage?
Yes, very easy. Our bar code software enables us to find anything with a couple of minutes. With over a million movements in and out of our facility every year, we need the very best systems to enable this to happen efficiently and without error.
What happens if I need a file urgently?
We offer a next day delivery service for files and boxes. If you need something very urgently, we will arrange an express same day delivery for you or we can scan back documents to you on demand.
Do I have to use your boxes?
No, we are always happy to use your own boxes. However, if your boxes have become damaged through damp or general wear and tear we may ask that we re-box on your behalf for your security.